Uncle Bob, Lesson 6

“Uncle Bob” is Robert Martin of CleanCoder. You may have heard of the Agile Alliance, Extreme Programming, and the SOLID principles. That’s “Uncle Bob”.

All About Agile

Symptoms of mismanagement:

  • delivering the wrong project
  • project is inferior in quality
  • late
  • Iron Cross of project management (choose 3)
    • Good
    • Fast
    • Cheap
    • Done
  • Data
    • Story points
    • Burn down chart
  • Put the charts on the wall

  • The purpose of Agile is to destroy hope
    • want to know how messed up we are as soon as we can
  • Flaccid scrum

  • Small teams to do small things

  • Project is not over when everything is done; it’s over when there is nothing left doing.

  • keep one task as a reference point for assigning story points

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