Uncle Bob, Lesson 5

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“Uncle Bob” is Robert Martin of CleanCoder. You may have heard of the Agile Alliance, Extreme Programming, and the SOLID principles. That’s “Uncle Bob”.


  • It is a living, breathing thing that responds to the changes in the system.
  • The rules of architecture are independent of every other variable—environment, language, etc

  • There’s magic when the software
    • It takes minimal work to maintain
    • It causes fewer problems
    • There’s a reduction in effort to keep it working
  • Goal is to minimize human resources necessary to build and maintain software systems

  • The measure of design quality is the effort needed to meet the needs of the customer.
    • If that shrinks with time, the design is good
  • Easiest way to go fast is to go well. It might not be very fast, but it’s not going to slow down.

  • People think that you can go fast by going dirty—quick and dirty. But, things slow to a crawl later.

  • Software has two values
    • what it does (the requirements)
    • it’s structure

Clean Architecture

  • Object-Oriented Software Engineering: A use case approach

  • MVC was invented for small things, not application level things. - Trygve Mikkjel Heyerdahl Reenskaug invented it for GUIs.

  • There’s no such thing as an Object Relational Mapper.
    • An object has behavior, not data
    • A database has data, not behavior
    • An ORM actually just fills in data structures
    • The authors of frameworks do not have your best interests in mind—they have theirs
  • Good architecture allows you to defer decisions as long as possible
    • or even not made at all
    • you don’t need to select the database right away
    • or, maximizes the decisions not made
  • Frameworks
    • are not made for your benefit—made for author’s benefit
    • you have to tightly couple into someone else’s decisions
    • you commit to them, not them to you
    • framework authors don’t care if their framework is in the way
    • first month is easy, the years are hard
    • A good architect looks at how it benefits and hurts, then uncouples
    • Build v Buy decision. Even a free thing might cost more over building yourself

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