Uncle Bob, Lesson 2

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“Uncle Bob” is Robert Martin of CleanCoder. You may have heard of the Agile Alliance, Extreme Programming, and the SOLID principles. That’s “Uncle Bob”.

I align much less loosely with Uncle Bob’s advice in this lesson than the one on Lesson 1 - Clean Code. I think part of that is the different ways of thinking about Java/C++ and anything else.

What is the purpose of a comment?

  • to explain the purpose of the code if the code can’t do it on its own
  • nothing is quite so helpful as a good comment
  • nothing is quite as bad as an obscuring comment
  • proper use is to compensate for our failure to express ourselves in code
  • every use of a comment represents a failure
  • comments lie
    • degrade over time
    • migrate
    • people don’t update comments
  • put the effort into the code, not the comment
  • mandated comments (every var must be…) are stupid comments

Source files

  • How long should a source file be?

Rule for variable names

  • Length of name proportional to length of scope

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