Gitifying BBEdit Backups

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BBEdit has a feature to make historical backups of a file, so I have a BBEdit Backups directory in Dropbox.

BBEdit Backups

Sometimes I mess up in a way where a file disappears or I miss out on a change that I didn’t capture in source control. I can trawl these files to find what I might have missed.

At last, I’ve turned this into a Git repo, although it’s just a snapshot so far. It doesn’t continuously add files to it. I don’t really want to keep these files around and when I delete the folders or files in the backup, I don’t want them in Git. I’m not trying to keep a history.

Instead, I want to browse a file to easily see diffs along a time sequence (seen here in GitX-dev):

BBEdit Backups

Here’s the code, but you can go to the Gist directly.