Claire's Sourdough

Claire from Bon Appétit shows Brad how to make sourdough. She published a much more thorough recipe in the Times.

ans744 on Reddit transcribed the recipe.

There are some differences from what I was doing while following Sourdough U.

  • She autolyzes with water at 90 F.

  • She uses 20% starter by weight of flour. In 1000g flour, she uses 200g starter. I’ve been using 2%. That could explain a lack of rise. I was getting better rise when I wasn’t measuring carefully and going overboard.

  • After the stretch and fold, it’s shaping and straight into the fridge. There’s very little time for the gluten to lose its elasticity.

That’s promising, but the crumb (the inside structure) is inconsistent. There is good gluten structure to trap air, but it gets trapped at the top of the crust.

Trying again

I try again, because what else am I going to do in self-quarantine? This time I make two doughs. One has 80% King Arthur Bread Flour / 20% Red Mill semolina, and the other is 100% King Arthur Bread. Each had 20% starter by flour weight.

100% King Arthur Bread Flour

This turned out almost exactly how I wanted it, but I need to work on upping the sourness.

20% Red Mill Semolina

The semolina is a bit softer texture and the boule itself is pillowy with a softer crust.

Results from others