Books I want to write

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This blog is quickly becoming my to-do list for larger, long term projects.


I’ve already written Mojolicious Web Clients as a prelude to something for the entire framework. I have some ideas in a gist.


I’m in love with Makefiles and have been using them forever, but when working with Ruby projects, I use its equivalent: Rakefile. People like to point out how much more versatile a Rakefile is (doubtful is you know make), but there are some nice features. The existing book, Rake Task Management Essentials, is largely an explanation of features and not a tutorial in automated project management.

Perl Data Language

PDL is Perl’s homologue of numpy (although it may have come first). There’s an existing book that’s pretty good, but it needs some love.

The XML::Twig Cookbook

XML::Twig has so many features that I’d love to break down common tasks into short snippets to illustrate simple techniques.